"You are the best field trip ever. . . The Rosson House was so fun, I wish you could sell it to me."
– Tristan, age 9







  • Traveling Trunk: Arizona's Five Cs

    This brand new Traveling Trunk, developed with a generous grant from Kinder Morgan, uses Arizona’s traditional 5 C’s—climate, cotton, citrus, cattle, and copper—to teach students about the development of the state.  The trunk comes with lesson plans, hands-on activities, primary source materials, and some genuine artifacts, including a branding iron and a miner’s lamp!

    Each lesson plan is designed to meet State of Arizona Learning Standards for 3rd and 4th grade students.

    Please fill out this online form if you would like to check out the Arizona’s 5 Cs traveling trunk.

  • Traveling Trunk: A Child's Life in 1900

    Can’t make it to the Rosson House Museum with your class?

    Our traveling trunk is a portable version of Heritage Square’s on-site field trip. The trunk includes 5 lesson plans and hands-on activities so that children can experience “A Child’s Life in 1900” and understand the dramatic changes in lifestyles over the past 100 years.

    The lessons and hands-on activities include a primary source activity, analyzing an early map of Phoenix, doing laundry using washboards and clotheslines, writing on slate boards, and playing the historic game of Graces. Each lesson plan is designed to meet State of Arizona Learning Standards for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Follow this link for details on curriculum alignment.

    Please fill out this online form if you would like to check out the A Child’s Life in 1900 traveling trunk.

Heritage Square’s field trips have been suspended until further notice

We understand that you would love to have your students explore history at Heritage Square, but our budget and staffing has yet to return to pre-COVID levels, so we are unable to restart our field trip program at this time. Our educational  Traveling Trunks (more information at the bottom of the page) will be available again late this summer. Please contact us at info@heritagesquarephx.org to ask about booking a trunk. Check out our History at Home page for a bundle of activities, recipes, and staff recommendations.  Our blog is also chock-full of fascinating history – give it a read! Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the Square again soon!


Join us…

for a journey back in time with your students and learn how people lived in early Phoenix. Our field trips and traveling trunk promote learning, innovation, and imagination. History and culture come to life through engagement with artifacts, analysis of primary sources, and experience with hands-on activities. Travel to us for a field trip or check out a trunk so the field trip can come to you.

  • Homeschool Field Trips

    Gather your group together for a homeschool field trip! Find out more about what we offer and how to book a field trip here.

  • Girl Scout Visits

    Bring your Troop to Heritage Square to get a Playing the Past badge or a Junior Historian patch! Learn more about it here.

  • Field Trip: Experience Life in 1900

    “Experience Life in 1900” is a two-hour, interactive field trip program that offers four exciting learning stations. Your students will rotate through the stations in small groups, allowing for a personal and hands-on experience. The stations include –

    • Tour the Rosson House: Start with a map of Phoenix in 1885 to put the Rosson House in context. Then, take a tour of the Rosson House introducing school children to the Goldberg family with their two young daughters Selma and Hazel, and baby brother, Chester. Trained docents help students explore themes including early Phoenix, technology, transportation, and 19th century lifeways.
    • Experience 19th c. Chores: Using both real and reproduction artifacts, students learn first-hand about the chores their turn-of-the-century counterparts may have done. They wash laundry using a scrub board, wringer and clothesline, beat the dust out of rugs, and try their hands at old fashioned vacuums and irons.
    • Become History Detectives: While exploring historic documents and photos, students become detectives, developing theories about territorial Phoenix and the Goldberg girls based on primary source evidence.
    • Play 19th century Games: Hoop and Stick was once a favored outdoor game. Students try their hand at controlling the wooden hoops while racing their classmates.

    Age Group: “Experience Life in 1900” is geared for third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms. It meets the Arizona Department of Learning Standards for Social Studies Strand 1 – American History, Social Studies Strand 4 – Geography and Science Strand 3 – Science in Personal and Social Perspectives. Follow this link for more details on curriculum alignment.

    Cost: $6/students, $6/chaperones, Free/teachers. Discounts for Title I schools

    Time: Program length is 2 hours. Our staff is flexible and happy to work with you to create a custom field trip just for your group.

    Availability: Field trips are usually scheduled on Tuesday mornings or afternoons, but can be offered on other days depending upon availability.

    Transportation: We’re on the light-rail, so click here if you plan to travel on mass transit.

    Group size: A minimum of 10 children over 5 is required to book a field trip; we can accommodate groups as large as 60 children.

    More than 60 students?  Add more stations to keep group size to 15 students. Each station adds 20 minutes to the field trip.

    • Guess the Artifact: Handle actual historic objects that were common in the 19th century but are no longer in use. We will use our detective skills to determine what they are and discuss the technical innovations which made them obsolete.
    • Mapping Early Phoenix: Tour an exhibit that explores the growth of Territorial Phoenix from it’s original half square mile.
    • Map Scavenger Hunt: Reinforce geographic standards with this activity where students use a map to explore Heritage Square and win a prize!

    Your group is welcome to have lunch on site. We offer picnic style space in shade or sun. Just let us know when you book your visit.

    View our field trip policies here.

    For more information about field trips, contact our Education Department by email or at 602-388-8090.