"From the first time I took a tour of the Rosson House...I was hooked."

Support from our Community

For over 40 years, our community has supported us through thick and thin. Here are a few messages from those who truly believe Heritage Square is a place worth saving.

My journey with the Rosson House began on my birthday in 2011. I celebrated by driving PCH southward starting from Monterey. We spent a day at San Simeon, also known as The Hearst Castle. The experience was so impressive, that home so magnificent, and our docent so great that I made a promise to myself that when I returned to Phoenix I would find a great house, and would become a docent myself. I have been a docent at the Rosson House ever since. I love this house, and the square it sits upon. It is a most wonderful gift giving tours, and teaching our guests about not only the history of Phoenix, but flush toilets, the dress and customs of the day, and the societal impact of electricity in homes. When I see that “light bulb” lighting up as they connect the historical dots, well, that gift cannot be overstated.

Please give to Heritage Square and the Rosson House  – their continued preservation matters, and are a tremendous point of pride for our City.

– Stan Kansas, Rosson House Museum Docent since 2011

Heritage Square has been an oasis for my family. We have enjoyed the gorgeous grounds as we cross between the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Arizona Science Center. We have had the pleasure of touring the stunning Rosson House. Taking in all the wonders of the past while enjoying the marvelous city Phoenix has grown into. Whether you are grabbing something delicious to eat or drink, attending an amazing car show, or just strolling through, you will not be disappointed with the beautiful Heritage Square.

– Maria Rodriquez

Heritage Square will always have a special place in my heart. My engagement photos were taken on the grounds and it was the perfect background for our special day. It’s such a beautiful place with a rich, and important history. The tours are very fun to do as well! Touring the Rosson House is a fascinating way to discover how Victorian Era Phoenicians spent their days without AC or proper restrooms. I’m grateful that historical Heritage Square exists and I hope it remains a preservation site for years to come.

– Cassie Goats

It might sound corny and sentimental, but Heritage Square is home to me. I remember being a college student eating my lunch in the park and just soaking in the serene atmosphere, enjoying the break in an area that is completely unique to anywhere else in Phoenix. When I got the opportunity to actually work at the Square, I couldn’t believe I had gotten so lucky as to work somewhere so historic and beautiful. Even now, all this time later, I still get a thrill opening the Rosson House first thing in the morning. It is truly a special place in all of Phoenix and we are so lucky to take care of it for future generations to enjoy and engage with.

– Sarah Matchette, Director of Visitor Engagement

From the first time I took a tour of the Rosson House in the 1980s, I was hooked. I loved the architecture, the stories of the restoration, and the commitment to keeping a piece of Phoenix history alive. Through the pictures painted by the docents, I could imagine the families who lived there and get a glimpse of Phoenix from long ago. I will never forget the day I found out I didn’t need a formal education or degree to become a docent myself. I was thrilled to be able to share my love and enthusiasm for the Rosson House with visitors on public tours.  Being a volunteer at Heritage Square allowed me to become a part of that ongoing story.  Although I am no longer able to volunteer, I have never lost my sense of wonder and appreciation for this amazing home and those who share its past, present and future.

– Ginger Worden

History happens to be one of my drugs of choice. This Museum is one of the best for getting up close and personal, and being able to talk directly with the guides. It is well worth the time coming into the House including the various holidays of the year in which they decorate and discuss the customs, including the customs of medicine and funeral arrangements. Coming to this Museum means one can learn much more about the early days of Phoenix. I heartily recommend the Rosson House, the rest of the Square is worth it as well.

– Becky Nelson

Heritage Square has been a small oasis in a big city for me over the past few years. It’s the place I make a point to walk through during my evening walks and when I can, I love to grab a tea and sit back and relax. There’s a lot of things that make this place great but what always draws me back is the calm feeling you get when surrounded by roses and simply great architecture.

– Megan Vogelsang

I worked at Heritage Square for nearly two years, my first job after leaving graduate school. I knew I wanted to be involved in history somehow, and I knew that the Heritage Square Foundation was the organization that maintains and runs the Rosson House Museum. During my time with the Foundation, I was happy to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to preserving the past in downtown Phoenix and I still have a special place in my heart for the Square and the people who help preserve it. The city of Phoenix, especially downtown, has been experiencing lots of exciting growth and development in recent years, which just makes places like Heritage Square even more important for maintaining the city’s past and its unique identity in the southwest. I continue to be impressed by the Foundation’s programs for (and often collaborating with) the Valley’s diverse and growing community, from the recent exhibits focusing on mapping early Phoenix and African Americans’ lives in Arizona, to special events like PoeFest and – my nerdy favorite – history talks by local scholars. On a regular basis, Heritage Square is a site for education as well, giving children an opportunity to connect with the past by seeing how early Phoenix might have looked and doing interactive activities to help them understand what it was like to live in the Victorian era. I know from experience that teaching history can be hard, but the staff of the Foundation do a great job of connecting kids and adults of all ages to the history of Arizona and its capital. The beautiful, restored historic buildings at Heritage Square house some of the most notable restaurants that Phoenix has to offer, giving locals and visitors alike a place to connect over incredible pizza or Japanese cuisine, or even just a morning cup of coffee and walk around the rose garden. The Square also provides a space for milestones in the lives of Phoenicians and for community events for other local non-profits, making it an integral part of the city of Phoenix, a place that matters.

– Shannon James

As the only remaining block of the original Phoenix townsite, Heritage Square is part of the fabric of Phoenix’s past. From the incredible preservation of the Rosson House to the wonderful educational tours and events, the Square offers a truly unique opportunity to experience the valley’s history. Apart from its historical significance, the Square also represents a cultural touchstone for the valley, featuring some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Phoenix. The Square provides an chance to celebrate the valley’s rich heritage.

– Leah Harrison