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Welcome to Heritage Square’s Museum Store! We carry a diverse selection of unique and creative items made by local artists, including jewelry, home decor, stationary, and more. Each purchase goes to support our educational exhibits, programming, and events.

We are proud to partner with and showcase the work of local artists in our Museum Store. You can find more information below about some of these unique and talented Arizona artists.

  • Adriana Quintero

    A picture of artist Adriana Quintero.Co-Founder of Maxica Colectivo and loving mother of four, Adriana is descendant from a line of curanderas, or “healing women.” As one, she considers herself an apprentice of ancestral medicine, and a sister of Wixarika culture. She believes in an activating connection with the inner self by using precious gems and minerals, and meditating with the use of sacred geometry. Her goal and passion is to share the medicinal qualities of art and to be a guardian and messenger of our human origin.

    • Lineage of healer women – Linaje de curandera
    • Apprentice of ancestral medicine – Aprendiz de Medicina ancestral
    • Wixarika sister – Hermana Wixarika
    • Activation and connection of the inner self with precious gems and minerals – Activación y conexión interior con gemas piedras y minerals
    • Meditation through sacred geometry – Meditación a travez de Geometría sagrada
    • Passion and mission – Pasión y misión
    • Sharing art from its medicinal quality – Compartir el arte desde su cualidad medicinal
    • Guardian and messenger of origin – Guardiana y mensajera de el origen
  • Andrew Lee

    A picture of artist Andrew Lee.As a former rocket scientist turned teacher, educational entrepreneur, and professional artist, Lee considers his purpose to help and inspire others to achieve their dreams in life.

  • Bryan El Castillo

    Bryan was drawn to art at a young age, and at 22, had his first solo exhibition in Telluride, Colorado. He has lived in New York and San Francisco, working on art concepts of mixing layers of photography and oil, and experimenting with three-dimensional art – mixing oil painting and wood wall sculptures. In Phoenix, his new style includes painting on canvas as well as cyanotype photography and rotoscope video art.

    (Information obtained from the Bryan El Castillo website)

  • Clottee Hammons

    A picture of artist Clottee HammondsClottee is a mixed media artist working in recycled materials, fabric, pencil, crayon, watercolor and acrylic paint. The statement she is trying to make determines the medium she uses. She writes poems, essays, short stories and snarky letters, has reported for The Black Voice Newspaper (Inland Empire), Phoenix Downtown Magazine and has been a featured essayist in Neal Lester’s book, Once Upon a Time in a Different World: Issues and Ideas in African Children’s Literature.

    Clottee is also the founder and Creative Director of Emancipation Arts LLC. She views her special calling as a “community builder,” working in grateful collaboration with numerous artists, organizations and individuals while being conscientious and mindful of honoring her African and enslaved ancestors.

  • Gina Burns

    A picture of artist Gina Burns.Gina artfully crafts one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry incorporating antique buttons, contemporary Italian Cameos, vintage keys, and more. All of her designs are unique and come from all over the world.

    The decorative elements she sources are framed in various filigree settings and vintage chains, which are a hypoallergenic, nickel-free metal blend sealed to preserve the antique patina.

  • Jalila Jones

    A picture of a woman wearing a hat, with her chin resting on her hand, looking at the camera.Growing up, Jalila was involved in the Intercity Culture Center in Los Angeles, she was able to spend time learning from a prominent artist. Her home life was also filled with visual art and music. She loves painting vibrant portraits of courageous, strong women, and is influenced by the vintage black glamor of the jazz and dance of the Harlem renaissance.

    (Information obtained from Canvas Rebel magazine)

  • Kathy Willis

    A picture of artist Kathy Willis.With a fascination for cacti and mountains, Kathy moved to Arizona in 1976. She started making cactus pillows and bags from upcycled denim and repurposed clothing, sewing “freestyle,” without the use of patterns. Now, doing business as Custom Stitchery, Kathy specializes in one-of-a-kind quilted pillows, pillow covers, bags, masks, and more. She loves making unique, colorful and conversational pieces.

  • Laurie Blackwell

    A picture of artist Laurie Blackwell.Laurie is an artist, tarot card reader, writer and traveler who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and dog. Although she retired from teaching elementary school after 30+ years, she still finds opportunities to step into an instructor role for various classes, both online and in person. She loves making things and guiding others through creative endeavors.

  • Leonor Pisano

    A picture of artist Leonor Pisano.A native of Chile, Leonor has lived in the United States since she was 16 years old. Today she splits her time between Tucson and Chile, where most of her family still resides. She has a certificate in making jewelry from the Maryland Institute of Art, and her favorite material to work and experiment with is copper, one of Arizona’s most precious resources.