• Find something that tells you where (what city) this picture was taken.

    Phoenix!  It’s written on the front of the trolley car. These trolley cars used to run up and down Washington Street, just like the light rail does today.

  • Find something that indicates a year when the picture was taken.

    The date 1889 is written on the furniture store building, so the picture must have been taken after that. We actually think the photo was taken around 1910.

  • How many horses can you find?

    3.  The blurry one on the left, the one pulling a carriage in the center and one hidden behind people just to the left.

  • Crockery is sold at this store. What is crockery? a) Things made out of crocodiles b) A type of cracker c) Plates, cups and dishes

    C. Plates, cups and dishes, often made out of earthenware or baked clay.

  • How many trolley cars can you find?


  • How are the trolley cars powered?

    These trolleys are powered by overhead electric lines. Before 1894, they were pulled by mules.

  • How many bicycles can you find?

    2. Note what the boys are wearing!  How would you like to wear short pants, jacket, shirt, tie, knee socks, boots and a hat every time you went out? The mother of the boy in the center of the photo will be pretty mad when she sees him running around with just shirt and pants!

  • How many people can you find NOT wearing hats?

    We found 4.

  • How many women are in the picture?

    None!  Women at the time would only be seen downtown in a long dress and there aren’t any in the picture.

  • About this photo

    Looking west on Washington Street about 1910.  The McCullough Brothers took many photos of early Phoenix. You can find this and many more at  ASU Library Digital Repository.

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