Let’s look closely at this wonderful old map of Phoenix.*  If you want to zoom in on detail, click on this link to the Library of Congress.

For this scavenger hunt, first print out this worksheet and have a ball imagining Phoenix when it was 15 years old and only a half square mile big.

  • Need a hint?

    Who drew this map?  Look along the bottom edge.

    Can you find the compass rose on this map? The compass rose is on the orange colored streets, toward the bottom center of the main map.

    The population of Phoenix in 1885 is in the last sentence of the paragraph in the lower right corner.

    The size of Phoenix 1885 is stated in the instructions on this page!

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  • *Official citation:

    Dyer, C. J, Byrnes Litho, and Label & Litho. Co Schmidt. Bird’s eye view of Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Phoenix, 1885. Map. https://www.loc.gov/item/75693082/.