Emancipation Arts Presents: Juneteenth… What are we really celebrating?

Join Clottee Hammons of Emancipation Arts as she facilitates discussion and shares the history of the day enslaved people in Galveston, Texas were informed that they were “free”. This event encompasses the national and local impact of Emancipation and the effects on generations that follow.

Further information and discussion will be presented via The Great Migration-Indiscernibles in Arizona workshops (in person and online) at later dates. The impact of The Great Migration in Arizona has had little acknowledgement; with African American residents locked into an indiscernible status. Systemic racism is frequently rationalized by the dismissive tone that emphasizes the small demographic percentage of Blacks that live (or stay) in the state, as compared to whites and Hispanics which further serves to relegate Blacks to the fringes.

This Indiscernible-fringe existence, while also strongly experienced in other areas of economic, social, civic and educational engagements is examined through an array of multidisciplinary (historical, visual, performance, literary, placemaking, etc.) ongoing arts engagements executed under the title “THE GREAT MIGRATION – INDISCERNIBLES IN ARIZONA”.

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