You Finish It!  Prints and Patterns from the Rosson House

Wallpaper covers the walls of the beautifully decorated Rosson House Museum. Its design is essential to recreating the colorful and eclectic style of the Victorian era. When the museum was being restored in the 1970’s, volunteers uncovered the original design from 1895 and had it replicated for us to enjoy to this day.  

Patterns in the Rosson House are often symmetrical — meaning if you folded it in half, the pattern is reflected on the other side — like looking in a mirror! Symmetry can be seen all throughout nature and in art, providing balance and harmony in paintings, textiles, architecture, and more. This design from the back hallway of the museum is a good example — imagine folding the pattern in half and seeing the reflected sides.

Now it’s your turn- print the Wallpaper Symmetry worksheet and draw in the rest of the design of the wallpaper from the Rosson House. Remember- the pattern should be the same on the other side of the line as if it were looking into a mirror. Color the finished design with the colors you would put in your Victorian house.  If you need to, look at the picture of the original for inspiration.