Weddings FAQs

We know that planning a wedding can take time and a lot of energy. You may have questions during our non office hours or whenever our Director of Events isn’t available. Here are a few that are most popular.

How much does it cost to rent the space?

The price for the space will vary depending on the day of the event, hours of the event and the time of the year.

How do I secure the date I want?

In order to secure the date you wish to hold your event, you must make a deposit, which is half the rental amount to secure your date. Please contact us about booking at

How far in advance may I book my event?

A year in advance

How many people does the space accommodate?

The space can hold up to 1000 guests. However, if you are planning on having sit-down meal service (with tables and chairs) the maximum guest capacity is about 500.

When can I start setting up for my event?

Your contracted start time is when you and your vendors are allowed to start setting up. If you or any of your vendors start to set up before your contracted start time, we will deduct an hour ($125) from your refundable damage fee.

May we bring in our own vendors?

By all means, yes! We want your event to be as special and unique as you are. You can bring in your own vendors, but please not we will send you our recommended vendors and we do have a do not use list, so please be sure to go over that information.

May we bring in our own caterer?

Yes you may and they don’t have to be a professional catering company, we understand that sometimes families may gift you catering or can provide catering options.

May we bring in our own alcohol?

Yes! Providing your own alcohol will likely save your budget and allow you to serve unique or signature drinks, but you must provide it to guests free of charge.

How late can my event go?

The event itself can last up to 8 hours or 14 hours; set up time is included in the 8/14 hours. All music needs to be off at 11pm and the event itself must be over by midnight. It is understood that your event may be shorter than 8 hours.

Are there any decorating restrictions?

We encourage our clients to get creative with their décor. We want your event to be as special and memorable as you imagine it will be. There are only a few things we ask that you take into consideration.

Hanging decorations:
Although decorations may be draped and hung from the wooden rafters and other features of the building, please do not hang any decorations (large or small) from the electrical equipment, electrical conduit, water pipes or air ducts.

If you plan on decorating with tea lights, they must be enclosed in glass.

Do you have rentals, tables, and chairs?

No we don’t provide rentals of tables and chairs, but we have a fantastic vendors list of companies that do provide tables and chairs and other rentals.

Where can my guests park?

As of this moment, your guests can park in Heritage Garage; however, there is a parking fee of $12. To get it reduce to $10 you would need to contact the Ace Parking Garage and ask them for validated tickets. Heritage Square doesn’t create or have deals with the parking management.

What am I responsible for at the end of my event?

You (and your vendors) are responsible for removing items you brought in and would like to keep at the end of the event. All items must be off tables and all trash must be removed–either disposed of in the dumpsters in the parking lot or offsite. Failure to remove trash may incur an additional charge or loss of deposit.

For Photographers:

Please not that we host events (weddings/social events/corporate events) throughout the year. When we do host events, they will be listed on our Events Calendar. Please check that and hover over the event for that date and see if there are any restrictions.

Public Event: This is usually a public and ticketed event, which will have liquor (huge possibility), which means they are probably using a way to have minors come into their event (wristbands etc) and if you walk in, it could harm them, their sales and they may have to shut their event down. You will need to use either the Science Center or any other spot in the area, but be mindful of the tenants and their space.

Private Event: For private events it usually means a wedding or a non-ticketed, invite only event (wedding/birthdays/baby showers). For these types of events, you can take pictures on the Square but not in front of the Rosson house (any area around the Rosson House) and no longer in front of the Museum (Carriage) shop. You will have to take pictures using the surrounding area and/or the Science Center.

Please note that if we ask you to leave or go to another area we will do so with tact and common courtesy and we ask the same from you.