Volunteer News

January 2017

Happy New Year!  I hope you are greeting the new year with achievable resolutions and a refreshed spirit.

New in the House:

Celebrate is over!  As of the time I’m typing this, the Junior League still has their trees up in the foyer and parlor, but hopefully will be removing them in the next few days. Otherwise, we have reset the rooms as before and returned the touch baskets.  Be aware that furniture will be moving around as we prepare for the Dressing Downtown exhibit.

Click the headings below to read more about training, new exhibits, and how to sign up for shifts.  We welcome feedback about the format, content and delivery of this information, so please let Jennifer know what you think!

  • Volunteer Training Schedule

    January 19: There will be no volunteer training on Thursday January 19. The scheduled speaker had to cancel. In the meantime, watch the AZ PBS show, Hidden Killers, to check out all the horrible things people from the Victorian & Edwardian eras had in their homes.  The schedule is at this link – http://www.azpbs.org/schedule/, and the show runs throughout January!

    February 16: Dressing Downtown is coming! If you plan to give tours, training for this exhibit is mandatory.  We will hold docent training on Thursday February 16 from 5:30 to 7pm. We will start in the Board Room and move into the Rosson House.  If you are unavailable at this time, please let me know your availability and I will set up a second training which you can attend.

    Dressing Downtown is an exhibit in the Rosson House Museum featuring clothing from the turn-of-the-century in their contemporary setting. The exhibit will be in place from February 15th to October 29th.

    The clothing, borrowed from other institutions, will be mounted on mannequins throughout the house.  This exhibit gives us even more opportunity to talk about the lifestyles of all kinds of people in early Phoenix and how their social and economic situations were reflected in the clothing they wore.

    Dressing is a little different from figures that have been on display in the past.  Previously, they were intended to bring the house to life by showing people doing daily activities. This exhibit is about the clothing and will become part of the stories you will tell about the house and people who lived here.

    Why is this mandatory? We’re doing something very new that will change the tour you give. Moreover, the pieces in the exhibit are not our own, and we need to provide even more security than we do the house. In this training session we will provide you with new reading material, discuss the themes of the exhibit, provide strategies for integrating them into your tour, and address the additional security needed for loaned objects.

    March 16: March training will review Details, a stand alone exhibit in the Stevens-Haustgen Bungalow featuring the accessories, trinkets and trimmings that defined turn-of-the-century style. The exhibit will be in place from March 14th to May 2018

    Objects will be secured in vitrines so that we can open the exhibit without a gallery attendant if necessary. Docents will not be expected to bring groups to this exhibit as part of their tours.

  • February Volunteer Needs -- Lots of opportunities!

    In addition to the morning and afternoon docent shifts, we need help with lots of other activities.

    Call for jewelry making supplies and equipment for Handcrafted. Any beads, wire, plyers etc are desperately needed!

    1/27 10:30am:  Museum Explorers Group Tour

    2/15 1:30pm: Questers Group Tour

    2/28 10am and 1pm A Child’s Life in 1900 school group

    2/4 Motoring Thru Time and Heritage Festival

    • 7am to 10am:  Park cars, food trucks and travel trailers
    • 7am to 8:30am: Set up tables and chairs for demonstrators and musicians
    • 7am to 10am: Sell donuts
    • 9:30 to 11am: Staff welcome table with Heather
    • 9:30 to 1 and 12:30 to 4: B-Tours
    • 10 to 4: Photograph people in the Square
    • 10 to 3: Bake sale
    • Noon to 3: Games on the lawn
    • Items for the bake sale! (Liz, I’m thinking about those cookies!)


    Please contact Jennifer if you are available.

  • How to sign up for shifts:

    The online calendar shows what shifts are available and which have been filled. It replaces the document that I used to attach in emails. Now, everyone has up to date information on the volunteer schedule. To sign up, still contact me via email or phone.  I always love to hear from you.