Volunteer News, April 2017


  • Volunteer Appreciation on May the Fourth ...

    “May the Fourth Be With You” is the theme for this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, to be held on May 4th. We will meet in the Lath Pavilion at 5:30pm and have food in the board room and the meeting in the class room. Please join us for dinner and awards so that we can show you how much you mean to us.

    Dress like the stars that you are. Star Wars costumes are appreciated (and who knows what the staff will do.) Tables will be decorated like the planets. Spouses welcome.

    You are out of this world!

  • Dressing Downtown Docent Training

    Here is a link to the training materials with more information added. More to come as time permits.

    Dressing Downtown Docent Training

    Dressing Downtown Docent Training Part 2

    Thanks for your patience.  If you would like to help me compile the information, I would appreciate a hand!

New in the House

  • Spring Training isn't the only thing with fans ....

    Even though the summer heat has not hit us yet, visitors are already getting overheated on their tours. We are now turning the fans on.

    We used to ask visitors to wait under the shady tree in front of the house, but the tree isn’t producing leaves this year. So please greet your visitors in the breezeway and limit any time you spend outside.



  • Thank you for stepping up ...

    and signing up. Your have helped us meet the demand for tours. However, between Gin & Jazz in April and staff vacations, we still really need your help. Please sign up if you can. You release staff to work on other projects when you are here.

  • Summer Projects for the Volunteer Committee

    Last summer, we started a Volunteer Committee to work on a few projects. We created a presentation version of Orientation for new volunteer recruits. This summer, I would like to work on another section of the docent training manual. Please contact Jennifer if you are interested in working on the committee this summer.

    Time commitment is minimual and can be remote as long as you have access to email:

    • two or three meetings
    • reading and commenting on drafts
  • To sign up for shifts, check the online calendar to see which shifts are available. Then, contact Jennifer to get on the schedule.


    Jennifer’s contact information:



    For changes on the the day of your shift, please contact Flare at 602-262-5070.