Volunteer News, December 2017

New in the House

  • Photos of trees available for those who can't climb stairs.

    We’ve got a beautiful holiday display this year with trees that celebrate the Arizona 5 C’s. Try testing your tour groups on them!  Since Hannukah is a holiday that revolves around food, our display moved to the dining room this year. If you didn’t get a copy, the interpretation is here.

    And as always, some furniture has been moved to accommodate the trees, so take a quick peek before your tour so that there are no surprises.  There is a binder of photos of holiday trees on the boot bench for visitors who can’t climb stairs.



  • B-tours and Flash tours are not quite the same...

    While very similar, B tours and Flash tours offer different interactions with visitors, based on the number of visitors expected. B  tours, as all the long time guides know, is where a guide is stationed in each quadrant. As visitors move through the house, each guide delivers one quarter of the tour.

    However, when even that system can’t keep up with volume, we need to open the house for people to explore on their own with guides there to protect and answer questions. This is a flash tour. Visitors get to decide how much information that want to absorb. For some that’s everything and some it’s very little. For the holiday display this year, we have signs mounted in each room to give interpretation.

    We are not doing away with standard guided tours. However, we also don’t want to disappoint visitors on days like December 16 where we have a festival in the park plus sold out Holiday teas.

  • Next Training: January 18, 6pm; New Research

    Thursday, January 18, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. New research. We have had several interns over the past year, delving into new areas of research on residents of the house and other stories of early Phoenix. Come hear what they’ve found!

    Thursday, March 15, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Dish Exhibit Training. Learn about the newest exhibit inside the Rosson House and outline strategies for incorporating this information into your tours.

    All docents must attend at least two Continuing Education classes during the year. Due to poor turnout last year, we will be reducing the number of classes to four and increasing the importance of their content.

Welcome to New Volunteers!

  • Please welcome our newest volunteers

    Sarah Olinski is helping with some research.

    Jillian Hendrix is in the final stages of qualifying to be a docent — following in mom’s footsteps!

    Thanks to Gayle Simmons who is helping deliver New Docent Training.

    And special thanks to Eric Ihsen, Pat’s son, for photographing the trees this year.   We have made a book for visitors who can’t make it upstairs.


  • Docents needed for flash tours on busy holiday weekend Dec 16 & 17

    It’s the visitor trifecta on December 16 & 17.  Holiday Teas are back again this year with another amazing menu and tours of the holiday decorations. The Hello Handmade festival opens in the Square, and our usual December increase in visitors will make this an extremely busy weekend. We are planning B Tours and may need to move to Flash tours!

    Please let Jennifer or Flare know if you can help on December 16 or 17. education@heritagesquarephx.org

  • To sign up for shifts, check the online calendar to see which shifts are available. Then, contact Jennifer to get on the schedule.

    Jennifer’s contact information:



    For changes on the the day of your shift, please contact Flare at 602-262-5070.