Welcome to the Heritage Gallery


Our newest exhibit, The Great Migration: Indiscernibles in Arizona (curated by Clottee Hammons of Emancipation Arts, LLC) opened in the Stevens-Haustgen Bungalow’s Heritage Gallery in January 2020. With interviews, family histories and artifacts, this exhibit tells forgotten piece of history that brings the African American Experience to the story of our state.

From the search for new beginnings and financial opportunity, to
the experiences of racism and isolation faced by both early migratory cotton pickers and modern residents, this is Arizona history like you’ve never heard before.

Learn more about The Great Migration, and the stories of African-Americans in Arizona here.

This exhibit is free to the public.


  • Our History: Stevens-Haustgen House

    The Stevens-Haustgen House was built in 1901 as a rental property by Constance Stevens.
    It was purchased by Edward Haustgen in 1911 for his sisters Marguerite and Anna. Marguerite Haustgen lived there from 1937 to 1952. The building is another good example of the California bungalow style with its wide porches and low roof lines.