Prospective Board Members – October 2020

The Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation by-laws provide that the Foundation shall be governed by a Board of Directors of no less than five individuals elected by no fewer than ten Members. The Nominating Committee has selected a slate of nominees. Below you will find a brief biography of each nominee, followed by a link at the bottom of the page for an online ballot. You may vote for as many nominees as you’d prefer, but may only cast one ballot. Write-in votes are permitted if the nominee has provided written permission.
Thank you!

Clottee Hammons

Clottee Hammons is the Founder and Creative Director of Emancipation Arts, LLC. She attended ASU’s Bachelors of Fine Arts program, and has curated visual arts exhibitions, performance and community engagements for over 25 years. Clottee supports the Phoenix community in several ways, including as a current board member of Midwives Rising and is a Prevention Specialist. She would like to be on the Heritage Square Community Board because she believes that we have done an admirable job of preserving the property and history of Phoenix. And as a Phoenix native with deep ties to the area, Clottee believes that the work of preserving the few remaining historic sites cannot be overstated, particularly in light of the current boom toward gentrification.

Toby Hogan

Toby Hogan is a Credit Bureau Reporting Manager with Santander Consumer USA. He received a Masters Degree in Leadership from GCU, has been in a leadership role for over 10 years, and currently serves on the board for HandsOn Greater Phoenix. Toby has lead and been involved with many community projects with HandsOn, Phoenix Children’s, and other organizations. He would like to be on the Heritage Square Community Board to continue give back to the community, provide value from his experiences, and to enhance his skills. Toby is very honored and humbled to be asked to join the board.

Sarah Kennard

Sarah Kennard is a Library Assistant with the Maricopa County Library District. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program for library science with an emphasis in archiving, and has plans to complete a museum studies program as well. She worked in the Arizona room and rare book room at Burton Bar Library, and has volunteer experience with the Phoenix Friends of the Library. Sarah would like to be on the Heritage Square Community Board because she has a great appreciation for the Rosson House and for preserving Arizona’s history.

Kevin Lozier

Kevin Lozier is a Section Manager with Northern Trust. He’s worked in business management and corporate training, and has volunteer experience with the Bank of America Community Volunteers. Kevin would like to be on the Heritage Square Community Board because he is an Arizona native and believes that Phoenix and Arizona history area an untold treasure.

How to Vote

Members are asked to complete their ballots online at this link. Online voting must be completed no later than 5:00 pm, Thursday, October 15, 2020.