Top 5 Reasons to Support Heritage Square on Arizona Gives Day:

  1. Hands-On History

Learning just seems more fun when you can experience things for yourself. At Heritage Square we have hands-on educational field trips for kids, workshops for adults, and activities for all. Your donation helps us build and expand our educational programs, continue to support Title 1 Schools, and make learning history fun for everyone!


  1. Volunteers Who Care

If you’ve gone on a Rosson House tour, created something at Handcrafted, or been to one of our great festivals or events, you’ve most likely met one of our fantastic Volunteers. They help us with all the above and more! Most importantly, our Volunteers help us provide more programming for our community. Your donation supports Volunteer recruitment, training and continuing education.


  1. Excellent Exhibits

Whether you’re interested in getting creative at Handcrafted, seeing turn-of-the-century clothing at the Rosson House, or sneaking a peek at the accessories that defined turn-of-the-century style at the Stevens-Haustgen Bungalow, you are in for a treat! Donations help us continue to partner with local individuals and organizations, and to build new and exciting exhibits for you to enjoy!


  1. Free, Fun Family Festivals and Events

Who doesn’t love vintage cars, cultural crafts, historic games, and live music! We have free family activities and programming each year during our Motoring Thru Time and Heritage Festival, as well as during Snow Week and other school breaks. With your donation, we can continue to provide these free activities to our community.


  1. A Phoenix Treasure – Past, Present & Future!

The buildings at Heritage Square have been around for longer than most in the Valley. They add distinction to downtown, and tell about a part of our local history that is unknown to many visitors. But over 120 years of the strong Arizona sun does take its toll, not to mention all the foot traffic we see throughout the year with visitors to the Museum, festivals and weddings, and even families taking photos. Your donation helps us maintain and preserve this unique landmark for generations to come.

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