Special Tours coming to Heritage Square in Fall 2016!

Coming this fall to Heritage Square, two new behind-the-scenes tours of the Rosson House!

First, our Restoration Tour will take visitors on an investigative journey to trace the layers of changes made to the Rosson House over time.  Visitors will examine the hints left on the exterior that indicate where additions and alterations were made, view before and after photos of the interiors of the house, and will visit the attic to experience its dramatic changes.

Next, put on your white gloves and grab a flashlight for our Trunks & Treasures Tour.  Peek into select drawers and closets that are off-limits during regular Rosson House tours, including those in the attic.  These hidden corners and cubbyholes have been stocked with secrets and surprises, designed to entertain.  Find out what skeletons are in our closets, and see the writing on the walls!

These exclusive tours will take 1.5 to 2 hours, and be limited to 6 visitors each, due to City of Phoenix Fire Marshall regulations.  Tickets will go on sale soon, with dates to be announced, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for more information!