This picture of the Rosson House from the 1970s is not exactly the most flattering.  Time and the scorching Arizona sun had taken its toll on the beautiful 1895 mansion, and it was slated to be demolished – until the Phoenix community came together to save and restore it (and the other buildings of Block 14), to create Heritage Square.

We know where this amazing Phoenix landmark would be if the community hadn’t stepped forward to save it – in a landfill, torn apart, its stories never told.  Rosson House and Heritage Square are here for us today because of our community’s foresight. But where will it be tomorrow without the same care for saving and maintaining our local history?

On this Arizona Gives Day, pledge to invest in Heritage Square and preserve the history of Phoenix.  The first 14 people who donate $100 or more on Arizona Gives Day will be invited to our exclusive, behind-the-scenes Block 14 VIP Tour.  Click on the logo below to schedule your donation today, at